Eddie Vincent

Playing position Right Full Back/Centre Half
First County match 30 Mar 1929, A Darlington 3-2,
25 Dec 1941, A Everton WT 0-6
Last County match 5 May 1934, H Chesterfield 0-0,
27 Dec 1941, A Blackpool WT 2-5


Advertiser (15 Aug 1930) reports that Vincent is capable utility player who was born in Spennymoor. He has youth on his side and can play good games at full-back or left-half.
Advertiser (19 Sep 1930) reports that Vincent made a promising debut and was a great improvement on Billy Matthews.
Advertiser (17 Oct 1930) reports that at home to Halifax although VIncent in place of Beedles was an improvement it cannot be said his display was ideal. He cannot be blamed as he has been playing at centre-half and will require time to settle in a new position if it is intended to make him the regular left-back.
Advertiser (6 February 1931) reports Vincent re-appears after proving he has recovered from the injury against Wrexham.
Advertiser (17 July 1931) reports centre-half Eddie Vincent, who has hitherto failed to come to terms with the club, has now re-signed. He is a young and useful player and his re-engagement will give general satisfaction to County followers. The versatile player has appeared in all half-back and full-back positions for County.
Advertiser (26 Aug 1932) reports Vincent has been moved to the centre-half position for this season.
Advertiser (23 Dec 1932) reports that Vincent had taken over as captain of the side from Carr who was dropped after the Luton cup-tie defeat.
Advertiser (10 Mar 1933) reports that Vincent was injured against Crewe so Pringle will take his place.
Advertiser (24 Mar 1933) reported that Vincent has recovered from his injury and will play for the reserves on Saturday.
Advertiser (11 Aug 1933) reports NE Vincent re-signed for the coming season on Wednesday. He is one of County's most useful players as he can fill any half-back or full-back position. He does best when at right-half or right-back. Vincent refused the terms offered him at the end of last season but the two sides have now reached agreement. A native of Spennymoor he came to the club from Spennymoor United. Last season he scored 7 goals, five of them from the penalty spot. The 5' 11.5" tall player has few equals as a taker of penalties with a terrific right foot shot.
Advertiser (23 Feb 1934) reports that at York after 12 second half minutes Leckie strained ligaments in his right arm and Vincent took his place in goals. Leckie resumed in the closing stages at outside-right with his arm bandaged and put across two good centres. It was to be his last game for the club. Eddie Vincent acquitted himself well in goals.
Advertiser (29 June 1934) reports County obtained a substantial fee from Grimsby for Vincent in a deal completed in Manchester at midnight on Wednesday. Vincent was brought to Stockport aged 17 after playing for a junior team in his village of Tudhoe. He came as a centre half but has played in most of the defensive positions. He earned the sobriquet of the penalty king for his accuracy from the spot.
Advertiser (6 Jul 1934) reports on Eddie Vincent's wedding. Norman Edwin Vincent married Elsie Armistead at St Elisabeth's Church in Reddish. Vincent has been with County for 6.5 seasons and has played particularly well at right-back. He was transferred to Grimsby this week. He has played with Reddish CC for the last three years with considerable success with bat and ball. Billy Bocking was his best man. Fred Westgarth and Billy Newton were amongst the guests at the reception held at the Houldsworth Institute.
Advertiser (10 Aug 1934) reports at the AGM it was said that Eddie Vincent the penalty kick and free-kick expert who was due for a benefit.
1935 whos who reports developed carefully in the reserve team and ready to fill the breach when County needed a defender.
Advertiser (12 Nov 1937) reports in the 2-0 win over Fulham Reid scored with a free-kick from 40 yards. His free-kicks are now as popular as Eddie Vincent's used to be.
Advertiser (23 May 1947) reported that Eddie Vincent is in talks with Hyde United who may sign him if they can afford Grimsby's fee.
Advertiser (6 Jun 1947) reported that Eddie is making his home in Reddish.
Advertiser (10 Sep 1948) reports last Wednesday the Beer and Wine licence for the Pineapple Inn was transferred from Henry Barnes to Norman Edward Vincent.
Advertiser (4 Jan 1962) reports on the 13-0 win 28 years ago. Eddie Vincent kept an Edgeley Hotel and was last heard of as a licence in Oldham.


Season League FA Cup Lge Cup Others
1928-29 3   0 0   0 -   -
1929-30 1   0 0   0 -   -
1930-31 18   1 2   0 -   -
1931-32 33   5 1   0 -   -
1932-33 35   7 2   1 -   -
1933-34 42   7 2   1 -   - 3N 4.1
Totals 132   20 7   2 -   - 3N 4.1
1941-42 -   - -   - -   - WT 2.0
Totals -   - -   - -   - WT 2.0