About the SCAN Web Site

As you will see as you navigate the SCAN website we've gone for a sticker album look.

All navigation is done through the menu block on the banner and the contents of this navigation menu change depending on where you are on the site.

All qualifying players are listed on the index pages followed by their page number in the album. If the player has received his SCAN certificate his name will be underlined and the word GOT will appear after the page number.

To view the sticker pages click on a player in the index; if you want to browse the album page by page the best player to click on the first index page is Billy Betteley.

The sticker pages lists the players in SCAN number order - 20 per page - but until their presentations are made only their name and number are show. We have included a link on each player's page to give people to contact us about an individual player. For current first team players a link to their Corporate Sponsor also appears in their empty sticker slot.

When a player - or his descendant - has received their SCAN certificate the sticker slot will be filled with an image of the player. You can then click on the player's sticker to see a photo of the presentation and details of when he made his debut for County.


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